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Latest News

Tokenz Deal!


Also increase your chances of winning a Collector card during this offer that starts from now and ends on Thurday at 11pm (GMT+2)!
But be warned this offer is ONLY valid on the Web.
Happy gaming to you all!

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Leader Wars: Platinum Record


Vermyn N Rb has finally done it! His latest record has just gone Platinum! To celebrate, he is throwing a huge party, and debuting a new look. Everyone is invited, and it's going to get wild! Play the latest Leader Wars now for your chance to win some Gold Tokenz, as well as a chance to be one of the first to own Vermyn N Rb! The Leader Wars starts at the 14.00 GMT +2 of 05/27/2015 and ends at the midnight of 05/31/2015. Good luck!

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Coliseum: Vintage


Van Heckton purchased a mysterious chest in an auction. When he opened it, he discovered some photos and video footage of old fights from the streets of Clint City. From this evidence, it seems that those ancient fights were much more vicious and entertaining than the current ones! Worried that the fighters are going soft, Van Heckton enlisted the help of Solomon to organize a tournament using the rules from the ""good old days."" Prepare to feel the blows of your opponents in the Vintage Coliseum! The Coliseum starts the 22/05/2015 at 2PM (GMT+2) and ends the 26/05/2015 at midnight (GMT+2).

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Plotting in the court of Dregn


Since the creation of C Dusk, the Vortex have gained a clear lead in their Clint City battles. But several officers of this army from the future are unhappy about having to take second place in this glorious conflict, in particular the warrior princes who are not at all pleased about the techno-priests winning Dregn's favour. So they’ve sent Izsobahd with all due ceremony to convince the Nightmare clan to put a spanner in the works of these creatures of glass... And stuck right in the middle of all this chaos is poor old Fhtagn Ld. Appointed by both Zoid and Oflgn (and on pain of disappearing in mysterious circumstances), he must work as a double agent in this conspiracy that is way beyond his limited intellect. He is clearly more at ease on the battle field! Fhtagn Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with it. To obtain this character, you must unlock its last mission before July 26th at 11.59pm (GMT + 02:00:00).

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Rebirth 2.0


Hi everyone,
> They have the same stats.
> They have improved graphics.

“Ah but you have to pay to get hold of these cards!”
Don’t worry, next week you’ll have the chance to get hold of them in a Leader Wars or Coliseum event without spending a dime.

“OK, but there’s an entrance free for Leader Wars, isn’t there?”
Here are the broad outlines of the new way to get hold of Rebirth cards:
- the original version will cease to be distributed
- a feature event the following week for a catch-up session

This will make Rebirth cards more accessible and will breathe new life into your collection. It will also increase the value of the original cards.

“So will the original versions now be Collector cards?”
Finally, please contact our Customer Support Team if you've bought (and not won) a Rebirth card.
You'll be reimbursed to the Market value of the Rebirth card.
We appreciate your interest in Urban Rivals.

Thank you and happy gaming to you all.

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Air Disaster!


It's a catastrophe! Toro has decided to use the new GHEIST computerized weapon to hijack an airplane and make it crash on the Sentinel's HQ! And as almost all their members are currently at the Pile Tower watching the match of the new luchador, will there be enough of them there to stop the plane’s descent?
Fortunately, the Riots’ latest flying machine could yet save the day once it's been properly tweaked by the two Sentinel gunsmiths!
New lightweight Huracan, Petit Coq, flies across the ring!
The GHEIST’s new computerized weapon, clone L Lace01, can get into any system!
The Sentinel’s forgotten gunsmith, Geoffrey, emerges from his workshop!
Aeronautics engineer, Archimedes, takes off at full speed!
Get these characters in the shop's packs
5 new missions have been added. Find the list of Newblood missions by clicking on the Missions tab.

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Coliseum: Kick Ass!


Coliseum: Kick Ass will be held from Monday, May 11 at 2 PM GMT +2 to Sunday, May 17 at midnight GMT +2. Prove your worth as a fighter in this 25 star deck format with 14 life points and 12 pillz, and reach the top of the scoreboard to win a Collector card! This time, entry is completely free of charge! All of the details can be found on the Coliseum page. Good luck everybody.

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Heading off a shower of meteorites that were due to rain down on Clint City? Check. Freeing girls held prisoners by Hefty? Check. Breaking up an extremely violent gang of bikers? Check. Without a doubt, the city owes a lot to Wonder Kitty.
However for some time now, strange things have been going on at night in Clint City. People are disappearing without a trace and several of the town's inhabitants flee from the Pussycat's heroine when they see her. New and suspicious things seem to be in the pipeline in Clint City and Lois is determined to discover just who's behind it all

Lois Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with it. To obtain this character, you must unlock its last mission before July 12th at 11:59 (GMT + 2:00).

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