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Jailhouse entertainer


Having been invited to Crassus' birthday party, Bikini Joe Ld was hoping to find that his mentor had developed an ounce of humanity. This was, however, setting his hopes too high when it comes to the confirmed sadist Crassus is - all the more so as the celebration was to take place in Clint City's penitentiary. When tossed on a stage facing an audience of sinister convicts, the clown's survival hangs by a thread. Puppeteering, funny faces and primitive jokes – Bikini Joe will have to excel at these. It's just as well he's no longer the same clown, thanks to Madelone!

Bikini Joe Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with him. To obtain this character, you must unlock his last mission before 5/10/2014, 11:59pm

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Are you the best of the best? Do you want to fight all other top players? Want to win a Big 5 of your choice?   Come on an join a big multi community event. Fight your way to the top in 1:1 battles.

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A la poursuite de Sue


Quand Peter kidnappe la petite Sue pour demander une rançon, c'est tous les Rescue qui sont sur le qui-vive ! Heureusement, une nouvelle recrue de Cliff est là pour sauver la situation... Enfin, si le timonier des Piranas arrive à passer le récif des Morts Violentes sur Fracas de Koalampur avec le navire de Bloodh.

Dans les sous-sols, Geo, l'ingénieur Riots vous apporte la lumière alors que dans son bureau Proffer Man vous fait sombrer dans l'obscurité.
Aidez Wolf, le pisteur Rescue à arracher Sue des mains de Raskal, le timonier timbré des Piranas !

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On the Trail of Sue


When Peter kidnaps young Sue and demands a ransom in return, all the Rescue crew members are on red alert! Fortunately, one of Cliff’s new recruits is there to save the day… Well that’s if the Piranas' helmsman manages to get past the Reef of Violent Death on the Koalampur Crash with Bloodh’s vessel.

Below ground, the Riots’ engineer Geo will bring you light, while in his office Proffer Man will plunge you into darkness.
Help Rescue tracker, Wolf, release Sue from the clutches of Raskal, the Piranas’ insane helmsman!

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1st Hunger Games   Welcome, and happy Hunger Games. UR starts with his very own Hunger Games! Each district (community) will get 2 choosen tributes to fight till death. Who will be our very first champion of The Hunger Games! Let's find out! And may the odds be ever in your favor! Join your district event to participate: District 1: France District 2: United Kingdom District 3: North-America District 4: South-America District 5: Germany District 6: The Netherlands/ Belgium District 7: Russia District 8: Portugal District 9: Spain District 10: Poland/ czech republic District 11: Italy District 12: Asia/ Australia/ East Europe   Registration is possible untill 9 august!

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Modification des interdits ELO (28/07/2014)


La liste des interdits ELO sera modifiée le 28 juillet 2014.
Cette liste peut-être sujette à modifications jusqu'au vendredi 25
Retrouvez la liste provisoire des personnages interdits en ELO. Récapitulatif des modifications ci-après.

Seront ajoutés aux cartes interdites en ELO de manière permanente :

Freaks : Bogdan
Jungo : Ongh (à discuter)
Rescue : Campbell
Pussycats : Diana (à discuter)
Ulu Watu : Daddy Jones (à discuter)

Sera retiré des cartes interdites en ELO de manière permanente :

Ulu Watu : Wee Lee (à discuter)

Les propositions prennent en compte les différents sujets concernant le ELO dans les forums des différentes communautés. Ils prennent également en compte le top 50 des cartes les plus jouées dans le mode.

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Changes to characters banned in ELO (07/28/2014)


The list of ELO banned characters will be updated on July 28th 2014.
This list may be subject to amendment until Friday 25th.
Click here to view the provisional list of characters banned in ELO mode. Summary of the changes below.

The following cards will be permanently added to the list of ELO banned characters:

Freaks: Bogdan
Jungo: Ongh (up for discussion)
Rescue: Campbell
Pussycats: Diana (up for discussion)
Ulu Watu : Daddy Jones (up for discussion)

The following cards will be permanently removed from the list of characters banned in ELO:

Ulu Watu: Wee Lee (up for discussion)

The proposals take into account the various ELO-related topics in the community forums. They also take into account the mode’s Top 50 most played cards.

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Le quizz permettant de récupérer Dounia dans le cadre de la sortie de notre 1er manga est maintenant terminée.

Merci à tous de votre participation !

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