Like all sloths, Bridge spent his time sleeping and eating in his cozy den. But that fateful day on which Peter Wab alias Pete the Slob alias Bhudd came to taunt him by urinating on his straw in broad daylight remained etched on the sloth’s memory. After the arrival of the “JNGA XII” meteorite, Bridge could only think of one thing: to get his revenge. So, he put his legendary laziness to one side to prove that even the zoo’s slowest animal could become a bowling champion and force a human to buy him a new straw mattress!

Game Details

: 2014-06-13

: n/a

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: 959

Ability of Bridge:

Reprisal: Stop Opp Bonus

Cancel the opposing character Clan Bonus, if triggered. If the opposing character has no Clan Bonus triggered, the Ability has no effect.