It is said that little Zoe, Beeboy's best pupil, would spend more time on her hands than on her feet. After a childhood of intensive break-dancing, the young girl went through a period when she would chase Shann as she scaled over the rooftops – all in the hope of catching up with her some day. Not to mention the hours spent on imitating Joao. Despite an undeniable gift for acrobatics, Zoe found it hard to feel fulfilled simply by following in the footsteps of the people she looked up to. The answer came to her through an Urban Ball left lying on one of the basketball courts. What kind of a twist of fate was this? Now that she can make the ball do whatever she wants, she's single-handedly created a brand new sport – the "BBB" or BeatBreakBall.

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: 2014-08-08

: n/a

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Zoe's Power is increased by 1 points.