Dawn is the very picture of the exuberant spectator at the Junkz raves. Collecting glow sticks and fluorescent bracelets, her presence is hard to ignore, even in the crush of the concerts. So it’s hardly surprising that she was approached by D4 Funk, who asked if she’d like to dance on stage for him while he was mixing. Fortunately Dawn was neither naïve nor a girl to be easily exploited. After a few lessons from Beeboy, she stole the heart of D4 Funk with one of her power moves, and is now an irreplaceable part of the masked DJ's light and sound show.

Game Details

: 2014-09-19

: n/a

Change over last 24h

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: 902

Ability of Dawn:

+1 Pillz Per Round, Max.

At the beginning of each turn, after the first one, the player with Dawn in his/her team receive 1 extra Pillz.