Little Xingshu was born into a family of celebrated calligraphers with an iron discipline. Shut away at home from a very young age, she followed a strict training in the art of calligraphy under the guidance of her tyrannical tutors. But just after her fifteenth birthday, while sitting in the Zen garden, Xingshu decided to paint the door to her dreams on one of the walls, a door that would take her far away, to a place where she could finally express herself. So, should we be surprised that the door materialized and took her straight to the Skeelz Academy? Well, given her application had already been signed and accepted by Caelus himself several years before, then probably not!

Game Details

: 2014-10-31

: n/a

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: 15

Ability of Xingshu:

+1 Life Per Round

At the beginning of each turn, after the first one, the player with Xingshu in his/her team receive 1 extra Life point.

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