Convinced they'd found the body of Dj Korr in their cemetery, Ielena hoped to bring back to life the spirit of the Junkz legend to have a slave worthy of serving her. But in fact the body was just an aborted clone buried in the graveyard by the GHEIST and so as there was no spirit to summon up, an evil mystery specter entered the clone’s body! Make no mistake, Dj Korps hates music and the only sound he enjoys is the grinding squeal of saw blades on a variety of surfaces. So be on your guard if you're out for a stroll in the neighborhood. He won't think twice about literally cutting short anyone who so much as dares to hum a tune.

Game Details

: 2014-11-03

: n/a

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: 94

Ability of Dj Korps:

Defeat: -1 Opp. Life Per Round, Min 1

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