Ever since the GHEIST have been plagued by in-fighting, the security of their HQ has left a lot to be desired and suddenly they’ve seen themselves being infiltrated by dozens of spies trying to get their hands on precious information, which really is ironic! During one of their more tense meetings, Mini Mund and Toro agree that it’s time to release Boomer from his “playroom"" so he can secure all the surrounding sewers with his assortment of mines. But wouldn't you know it, although Boomer is the ideal lunatic for the job, he also has a memory like a dead fish, the upshot of which is it’s now just as dangerous to enter the GHEIST base as it is to leave!

Game Details

: 2014-11-28

: n/a

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Ability of Boomer:

Revenge: Poison 3, Min 4

If Boomer wins the round, at the end of each of the following turn the opponent will lose 3 Life point(s) if he has more than 4 Life point(s). If the opponent has 4 or less Life point(s), the poison effect is not triggered.