The Berzerk crew have a real habit of hurting themselves and quite badly at that. But don’t count on Misery to come and stitch them up like a good little Rescue clan member. Suffering from hysteria, bipolar disorder and OCD, she’s convinced that a tightly wrapped bandage is the cure for any malaise. And you can just imagine how that pans out when it’s topped up with a hefty dose of Xantiax! All in all, you’d do well to steer clear of her if you’re in the slightest bit injured. Unless that is you want to end up in her collection of “Red Motel Mummies”…

Game Details

: 2014-12-26

: n/a

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: 872

Ability of Misery:

Confidence: Power +4

Misery's Power is increased by 4 points.