Kagura has all the qualities of a top student: patience, concentration, talent and fitness. And Doshu-sensei, the master of the Path of Silence school was extremely proud of his disciple. But Kagura found his school’s techniques, which were based on economy of movement and the effectiveness of one single blow, to be too lacking in panache and razzle-dazzle. So after he’d finished his training, he decided to join the Fang Pi Clang so he could study Kabuki with Sayura, the most demonstrative expert he’d ever fought! Ever since then, you have to buy your tickets well in advance to get a seat at Kagura’s awe-inspiring duels.

Game Details

: 2015-03-06

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Ability of Kagura :

Growth: Damage +2

Kagura 's total number of Damage points is increased by 2 points.