When you’ve got millions to spend, it’s easy to sign checks to get hold of rare pieces. What a bore! and not at all what Van Heckton’s into. For him, collecting is a hunt and only priceless objects are worth tracking down. Ancient jewelery from lost civilizations, unique extraterrestrial material, the last hides of extinct species and various books of spells form just a tiny part of his collection! But the worst thing is that Van Heckton is prepared to do ANYTHING to get what he wants. And in Clint City, only the Pussycats are still capable of throwing a spanner in the works of this fantastically wealthy plunderer.

Game Details

: 2015-04-30

: n/a

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: 228

Ability of Van Heckton:

Growth: Power +2

Van Heckton's Power is increased by 2 points.