Oakley was an expert burglar of poorly secured warehouses that were packed full of material he could then offload onto the Clint City black market. Until the day, that is, that he was caught and tasered by Sammy who was armed to the teeth. Finding himself in a pretty bad way after their forced landing in hostile territory, Oakley wandered aimlessly until falling to his knees half dead. On awakening, he found himself in the den of a tigress with extremely big teeth. However, far from eating him for her dinner, the tigress saved him and another prisoner, who went by the name of Annie, from certain death. Quickly adapting to their new way of life, the two prisoners formed unbreakable bonds with the tigers and even though Oakley sometimes finds Annie’s self-centered and bossy ways a little hard to handle, nothing could break up the killer team they've now formed with Graou!

Game Details

: 2015-06-26

: n/a

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Ability of Oakley:

Courage: Damage +4

Oakley's total number of Damage points is increased by 4 points.