Clearly none of her fellow prisoners thought Zaria would last more than a day in the prehistoric hell they’d landed in. It has to be said that Zaria had been locked up instead of her boyfriend for a crime she hadn’t committed and was not naturally a very combative person. Fortunately, in extreme and desperate situations one’s survival instinct can suddenly kick in to reveal a true force of nature. Reappearing in the survivors’ makeshift camp a week after the crash, she took on a ferocious raptor with her bare hands and subjected it to her will. Of course this show of strength earned her the definitive respect of the most hard-faced of her fellow convicts. The fragile prisoner was all but dead and gone and in her place a merciless warrior had been born!

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: 2015-06-26

: n/a

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Ability of Zaria:

Cancel Opp. Power Modif.

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