The unscrupulous ex-accountant of the Clint City criminals used to be a pretty ordinary guy to look at with his suit, tie, glasses and obligatory receding hairline. But after ending up in prison for money laundering, his life was left hanging by a thread. The thing was Ryujin knew too much and only managed to survive thanks to the ancestral teachings passed on to him by his venerable father. However, it wasn’t until he found himself in the world of the dinosaurs that these martial art skills really came into their own. After a short period of adjustment during which he only lost an eye, he managed to amass a real arsenal from the teeth, claws, skulls and bones of the reptiles and humans who'd foolishly made the mistake of crossing his path. Faced with this rōnin of modern times, the head of the clan himself had to beat him in a duel before Ryujin would finally accept to join forces with the Raptors.

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: 2015-07-10

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Ability of Ryujin:

Cancel Opp. Life Modif.