When trialed and then sentenced for attempting to flay and set fire to about ten people, in his defense Moro claimed “the Phoenix goddess had demanded sacrifices”. So when the plane crashed and he was rescued from the flames by the Raptors' second-in-command, Moro was convinced it must be a sign: she was surely the living embodiment of the blazing goddess and it was his duty to serve her. However, although the surrounding wildlife was rich in sacrificial reptiles, Moro wrongly concluded the goddess would prefer human flesh. Finally, tired of all these useless corpses cluttering up the place, the Raptors’ second-in-command decided to tie Moro up during the day and only release him at night at a good distance from the camp so as to avoid losing any more important clan members. However, now he’s in Clint City, the hunting ground is a lot more suited to his crazed way of thinking.

Game Details

: 2015-07-24

: n/a

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Ability of Moro:

Power = Power Opp

The Power of Moro is equal to the Power of its opponent. This Ability only takes into account the Power indicated on the opposing character's card, it doesn't include any changes caused by Bonus or other Abilities. If the Ability is cancelled, the Power of Moro is equal to the number shown on Moro's card.