The descent of JNGA XII had transformed the peaceful zoo into an area as lively as it was turbulent despite Eggman’s best efforts. But for some Jungo members, this was problematic. For example, the timid ostrich, Salsa, found it very hard to get used to the continual din. And it wasn't until the wise Ronald advised her to find herself an artistic activity that she finally decided to take her head out of the sand. Salsa experimented with ballet and took to it like a duck to water with a natural grace and agility that would have put a swan to shame. But in Clint City, the career of dancers is strictly controlled by the Montanas and the Uppers and an ostrich in the middle of a real ballet is really out of the question! So she had overcome her shyness but the system didn’t want her. However, while returning home, utterly crestfallen, she stumbled across the breakdancing championship in the Bangers’ quarter. Seeing Shann and Beeboy at work, she realized that her freedom of expression could only be transmitted through this art form that was open to all!

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: 2015-08-21

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Ability of Salsa:

Cancel Opp. Power Modif.