Even if GraksmxxT is pretty convincing, people have always known he had a tendency to exaggerate. And it's not surprising when you find out that he claims to have been sent to Earth by the authorities of the planet, Vronk. Open-minded, the Sakrohms nevertheless welcomed him into their fold with the sole condition that he stop raving on about his supposed alien heritage.

Game Details

: 2015-08-27

: n/a

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: 157

Ability of Graksmxxt Rb:

-5 Opp Damage, Min 1

If Graksmxxt Rb loses the round, the Damage inflicted by the winning character to the owner of Graksmxxt Rb will be reduced by 5 points or to a minimum of 1. If the total number of Damage points of the winning character is equal to or below 1, the Ability has no effect.