Ever since Mechakolos had been deactivated and chained up in the depths of the GHEIST base (you can never be too careful), Toro had pretty much given up on his idea of giant robots serving the organization. One just had to face facts: Vryer’s inventions were too unpredictable to be effective, particularly since Buddy had been put in place to protect the city from extreme attacks. But fortunately, Stalfhaust has continued her work on the plans L Lace01 had hacked into on the La Junta servers. By stealing one of the XU brains so jealously guarded by Vryer, she has set up a solid working project that should be more stable than but equally destructive as the last kolossal experiment. Well, so long as that crazy old Vryer doesn’t get his hands on it…

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: 2015-09-18

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Ability of XU-B0t:

Growth: Power And Damage +1