If one were to speak of talented survivors among the Raptors, Shaker would no doubt be a worthy representative. Having undergone many - unsuccessful - executions by electric chair, being dumped in the Lost World's swamps in the middle of a school of prehistoric eels was not about to put an end to this dangerous maniac's doings. For the experience of all these electric shocks has led Shaker to fuse with them and enabled him to develop an extraordinary strength that proves very useful when it comes to snapping a basic reptile's neck. Taking all of this in, Rex Sweig decided he was not about to pass up the opportunity to use this to his best advantage. He had a kind of living battery filled with swamp eels fixed on Shaker's back, who is now continuously powered, making him extremely dangerous at all times.

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: 2015-10-30

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Ability of Shaker:

Cancel Opp. Damage Modif.