Joy had always worked quietly in the background making low cost clothes for the people of the neighborhood. Her creativity was at the service of the clan so its members could have their very own look and not be considered “saddos”, because for Joy, fashion is not just something reserved for the rich. After many years of hard graft, her work suddenly took off among the young, especially in the music scene where the clan rappers proudly showed off Joy’s hip creations. But ever since Glenn decided to set up a new, prohibitively expensive clothing line plagiarizing her entire collection, Joy has emerged from the shadows to whip the ass of these millionaires intent on stealing her ideas!

Game Details

: 2015-12-11

: n/a

Change over last 24h

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: 568

Ability of Joy:

+3 Pillz

If Joy wins the fight, the player controlling Joy will receive 3 Pillz at the beginning of the next round.