Nastanovix is a strange name that came to the rock artist from the depths of a dream he had about the ancient world. Yes, Nastanovix is strange. You’ve only got to think back to the time when he was lead singer of a small indie group called 'Asphalt’, rocking a moustache that even in those days was pretty retro and playing instruments from the backwoods of history. However, in the end he was dropped by his fellow group members who preferred to pursue more conventional solo careers. Fortunately, the Roots welcomed this strange character with open arms, and all was going well while he was happy to quietly sing round the camp fire… However, ever since he got into his “version” of archery to defend clan members, some fear he's really lost it this time round.

Game Details

: 2015-12-24

: n/a

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Ability of Nastanovix:

Reprisal: Power +3

Nastanovix's Power is increased by 3 points.