If there’s one thing the kids of Clint City don’t joke about, it’s Dodgeball. The frenzied matches of the junior league push every child to try their very best to be the last left standing on the pitch. And out of all these children, young LaFleur was undoubtedly one of the sport's most talented players. So imagine her surprise when she discovered there was no adult Dodgeball league as it wasn’t thought to be a “real” sport”! However, refusing to be discouraged by this turn of events, the determined young lady presented Eyrton with a rock solid plan so he would agree to give her the necessary funds to create an even more spectacular and technical version of Dodgeball. After several experimental phases, the new version presented by LaFleur integrated a complex system of anti-gravity trampolines, requiring extreme agility, to benefit from the added speed and strength offered. It was the birth of Gravityball.

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: 2015-12-24

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Ability of LaFleur:

Cancel Opp. Damage Modif.

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