Taken captive with the fall of the Kingdom of Poldaki, princess Angora was held prisoner for ten years in the Emperor's harem, awaiting execution. Dregn, however, had no idea that the young woman could show a fierce determination that would make many a brave Vortex warrior's blood curdle. Realizing that there would be no point in picking up the pieces of what was left of Poldaki, she orchestrated a scheme that almost led to an uprising within the harem – one she would also put a stop to on the condition that she hold an important position within the Vortex army. Impressed by such deviousness, Dregn saw in Angora a Warrior Princess who could stand up to Shaakarti, which is why he sent her to Clint City to prove her worth as leader of an infantry unit.

Game Details

: 2016-01-22

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Ability of Angora:

Stop Opp Bonus

Cancel the opposing character Clan Bonus, if triggered. If the opposing character has no Clan Bonus triggered, the Ability has no effect.