If there was one thing to say about Navi, it's that the young Mental Arts professor had unusual skills she used exclusively to get her pupils to come clean when they messed up. As a close friend of Mandrak's, the powerful Skeelz was concerned to see her friend's mental health deteriorate with every trip he took to the chaotic dimensions. As a result, one day she decided to follow him through the portal and find out what was going on. Mandrak was tackled by a cosmic force that took control of him and would have driven him mad had Navi not intervened to absorb the entity in his place. Realizing how close he had been to experiencing nothingness, Mandrak tapped into his knowledge in an attempt to contain this staggering power that Navi emanated. One week later, the pair of them returned to the acadamy but professor Navi was no longer the same... Exuding even more power and passion, she has become great cause for alarm.

Game Details

: 2016-01-22

: n/a

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Ability of Navi:

Attack +10

Navi's Attack points are increased of 10 points. (reminder: Power * Pillz = Attack)