Sabrina and Catherine Clintburn were the two most famous dancers and actresses of Poldachie-Golgovine. Every movie starring one of them became an immediate blockbuster! Awards of every kind were on the daily agenda for the two sisters: no one could compete with their skills.One day, a foolish producer decided to hire both of them to star in the same movie... What a huge mistake! Sabrina and Catherine started bickering over every single line! Forced to choose only one of them, the producer decided to pick Catherine for his movie. The reason? Evil tongues say she convinced him with a "very personal" offer... Indignant and frustrated, Sabrina left her homeland, headed to meet her friend Lady. Clint City already seems to have recognized her superior acting talent: the Uppers movie theaters have never been so full!

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: 2016-02-05

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Ability of Sabrina:

Courage: Power +2

Sabrina's Power is increased by 2 points.