Although Walkie was neither strong nor agile, she was extremely resourceful! While the prisoners were busy fleeing the wreckage of the burning plane, she didn’t waste any time in sifting through the remains and gathering up whatever might help her escape this Jurassic hell. And in making just a few adjustments to a nail gun she found lying around in a tool box, this dangerous saboteur managed to create her very own reptile hole puncher. Add to this a few months of massacres and modifications and what you have is a blood-thirsty warrior who taunts and teases her victims before annihilating them with her favorite Gatling gun, Natioushka!

Game Details

: 2016-03-04

: n/a

Change over last 24h

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: 624

Ability of Walkie:

Confidence: Power +3

Walkie's Power is increased by 3 points.