Dixie was gifted with the same abilities as Sandro, her childish little brother. But unlike him, Dixie is a free spirit that no one can lock in a classroom. The world is her home, the sky is her ceiling, and the skyscraper roofs are her personal playground. But everything changed after she met the one destined to be her model in life: the handsome and talented Masked Hero! As Lucas helped her develop her special abilities, they formed the most dynamic fighting couple of the city, always ready to make justice triumph on the roads!

Game Details

: 2016-04-29

: n/a

Change over last 24h

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: 980

Ability of Dixie:

Support: -1 Opp Damage, Min 2

If Dixie loses the round, the Damage inflicted by the winning character to the owner of Dixie will be reduced by 1 points or to a minimum of 2. If the total number of Damage points of the winning character is equal to or below 2, the Ability has no effect.