"Life on our planet was on the brink of extinction: Ymirah, a creature of feminine features and massive proportions had reached our planet, in the core of a frozen asteroid, and had begun to senselessly destroy it. We yetis tried to stop her, in both a heavy-handed yet just way, but in vain. She could be defeated by neither pure strength nor magic. We prayed to the gods for a sign. They had us search for three powerful artifacts in the very depths of the Glatz Mountain: a Staff, a Hammer and a Crystal. Combining the powers of these artifacts, it was finally possible to damage Ymirah, which we did! We managed to seal her in a glacier and return her to her eternal sleep. We call those days, during which 90% of our kind lost their lives in the struggle, Ragnarok. To future generations, we say be sure to always keep those artifacts at hand. On the terrible day on which Ymirah may once again awake, they will be your only hope.” - Taken from Dargohr's tome, “The Ragnarok”

Game Details

: 2016-06-10

: n/a

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Ability of Ymirah:

Cancel Opp. Power And Damage Modif.

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