Quinzel had never approved of the conservative use the Alma Mater made of Thermonium. In fact, she had put foward numerous ideas, each one crazier than the other. But those old farts didn't know the first thing about fun and all they could think about was the “common good”. With the emergence of Riotspolis, Quinzel came to meet many funny - and shady - people who happened to share her sentiments. She was on the verge of bringing them a bit of Thermonium when she was arrested and thrown into prison by a peculiar woman in a mask... Having boarded the infamous aircraft, other than “go wild” with her new found friends, she now has another purpose to her life: seek revenge!

Game Details

: 2016-07-22

: n/a

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Ability of Quinzel:

Damage +3

Quinzel's total number of Damage points is increased by 3 points.