Karl was one of the most dangerous gangsters in the ghetto. His thirst for glory led him one day to carry out a sensational robbery on the Montana bank, something Don was not about to forget — or forgive! The gang members where executed while Karl himself was apprehended. But his fate was not to remain a prisoner for life and the rage Karl channeled awakened a hidden power within him. He can, if he wishes, cause any kind of metal to melt! Add to that a well-trained body and unyielding resolve and what you get is a war machine! These powers endowed Karl with the attention, fame, fascination and freedom he had always aspired to. No more need for the gangster act, being a badass superhero is far more exciting! Lucas and Dixie have found a rather unconventional ally in him!

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: 2016-07-22

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Ability of Karl:

Defeat: Recover 2 Pillz Out Of 3