El Divino was skeptical. His fighting techniques were all well known… an element of surprise was what was needed if a Huracan were to win the Iron Mask tournament. Then suddenly, a girl appeared from nowhere at the top of the Pile Tower. “I’ve heard you’re the city’s best fighters. I, La Iguana from Los Santos, wish to fight your reigning champion!” declared the girl, while squeezing Petit Coq’s neck in her left hand. A smile appeared on El Divino’s face. “Do you really think that I, the mighty El Divino, would fight a commoner? You’ll have to prove your worth before you dare to challenge me. You could for example try winning a tournament…”

Game Details

: 2016-09-02

: n/a

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: 319

Ability of La Iguana:

+2 Life

If La Iguana wins the fight, the player controlling La Iguana will win 2 Life points at the end of the round.