Originally from planet Keman Z, Fomalhaut LD is the grand inquisitor of the Sakrohm church. Dashra’s arrival hasn’t caused the intended panic in the streets of Clint City, which is a town well used to countering this kind of attack. So, they’ve brought Fomalhaut LD out of the shadows: the infidels must be converted. And if everything goes according to plan, that’s all to the good, but if violence and torture are required... well, even better!

Game Details

: 2017-01-25

: n/a

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: 136

Ability of Fomalhaut Ld:

Equalizer: +1 Life

If Fomalhaut Ld wins the fight, the player controlling Fomalhaut Ld will win 1 Life points at the end of the round.