Bemapxxt, or B'Mappé for his fans, is the little boy of #Graksmxxt cr and #mikki. Prodigy of football since childhood, also thanks to his body at the limit of the regulation, #B Mappe quickly made a career in the major football leagues of Clint City. Rumors say the #Montana and the #Sakrohm have made a lot of money by betting on his matches ... Determined to silence his detractors, B Mappè cut the contacts with the mafia and entered the #All Stars team which has since, thanks to him, won all the championships! If only he did not throw himself on the ground at the slightest touch on his shoulders ... - Tribute card for the victory of the 2018 Football World Cup by the Equipe de France! Allez Les Blues!

Game Details

: 2018-07-24

: n/a

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: 523

Ability of B Mappe:

Equalizer: -1 Opp Pow. & Dam., Min 1

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