Short, ugly, crafty and manipulative, Na Boh is also a dab hand at saying the right thing at the right time. Thanks to his silver tongue he’s been made personal adviser to Guru, helping him manage the clan’s day to day business and not showing the slightest hesitation to take abuse the position of power his master has placed him in.

Game Details

: 2008-02-15

: Madchewi

Change over last 24h

: 0ctz (0,0%)

: 966

Ability of Na Boh:

-3 Opp Damage, Min 3

If Na Boh loses the round, the Damage inflicted by the winning character to the owner of Na Boh will be reduced by 3 points or to a minimum of 3. If the total number of Damage points of the winning character is equal to or below 3, the Ability has no effect.