Although he’s still little, Arno often helps out his parents in their small pet store in the heart of Clint City, and because he loves animals and hates anyone who harms them, Arno (accompanied by Pistachio his little monkey) helps out the Roots by secretly plundering the store’s supplies of animal food and medication.

Game Details

: 2008-09-26

: Madchewi

Change over last 24h

: 0ctz (0,0%)

: 834

Ability of Arno:

-3 Opp Damage, Min 2

If Arno loses the round, the Damage inflicted by the winning character to the owner of Arno will be reduced by 3 points or to a minimum of 2. If the total number of Damage points of the winning character is equal to or below 2, the Ability has no effect.