A true Amazon, Selsya left the Pussycats, who she accuses of being too nice to men, to join her old friend Lilith in the GHEIST. Her new clan gives her plenty of opportunities to exercise her thieving skills and her hatred of men. (Selsya is a character from the graphic novel "Marlysa", Soleil publishing. (C) MC Productions, Gaudin, Danard)

Game Details

: 2006-11-17

: 2007-05-31

: soleil

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Ability of Selsya Cr:

Power = Power Opp

The Power of Selsya Cr is equal to the Power of its opponent. This Ability only takes into account the Power indicated on the opposing character's card, it doesn't include any changes caused by Bonus or other Abilities. If the Ability is cancelled, the Power of Selsya Cr is equal to the number shown on Selsya Cr's card.