Generally when you spend all your time falling from the sky through the clouds, you end up turning it into an art form. And that is certainly the case for Sabia, who falls behind enemy lines like a dark night. She has the grace of a swallow, as light as the wind, and the destructive force of a battleship, wiping out everything in its path.

Game Details

: 2013-01-25

: n/a

Change over last 24h

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: 1281

Ability of Sabia:

Support: -1 Opp Damage, Min 2

If Sabia loses the round, the Damage inflicted by the winning character to the owner of Sabia will be reduced by 1 points or to a minimum of 2. If the total number of Damage points of the winning character is equal to or below 2, the Ability has no effect.