Shizawa was an actor with a strange and problematic talent: the world turned to paper in his hands and so he ended up destroying everything he touched. Feeling very close to the edge, he sought help from Lost Hog who shut him up in the room of the White Lotus ordering him to do origami non-stop. On leaving the room, three years later, Shizawa had created the technique of the Thousand Cranes.

Game Details

: 2013-02-22

: n/a

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Ability of Shizawa:

Damage = Damage Opp.

The Damage of Shizawa is equal to the Damage of its opponent. This Ability only takes into account the Damage indicated on the opposing character's card, it doesn't include any changes caused by Bonus or other Abilities. If the Ability is cancelled, the Damage of Shizawa is equal to the number shown on Shizawa's card.

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