If suddenly all the traffic lights stay green for over an hour, you can be sure McArthur has been throwing another tantrum. As the son of the town’s largest owner of precious metals, he has but one passion and that is motor car racing. And when you’re born with a silver spoon in the mouth, having mini high-performance racing cars built for you and then throwing the traffic into disarray to test them out, is really nothing more than child's play.

Game Details

: 2013-03-22

: n/a

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Ability of McArthur:

Power = Power Opp

The Power of McArthur is equal to the Power of its opponent. This Ability only takes into account the Power indicated on the opposing character's card, it doesn't include any changes caused by Bonus or other Abilities. If the Ability is cancelled, the Power of McArthur is equal to the number shown on McArthur's card.