School, homework and hairy, grunting professors were not really Rad’s thing, when all he wanted to do was to surf the fresh powder snow at the break of dawn. As a result, during a Frozn tactical exam, the experimental cryoplasma bombs ended up exploding in his face. Ever since then, Rad has become Tiwi LD’s favorite subject for study as his body is starting to change texture. So is he the ultimate Frozn weapon or jut a young agitator who learnt his lesson in a very cruel way? Who can say what personality now lurks behind his mask of ice!

Game Details

: 2013-06-14

: n/a

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: 127

Ability of Rad:

Stop Opp Bonus

Cancel the opposing character Clan Bonus, if triggered. If the opposing character has no Clan Bonus triggered, the Ability has no effect.