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Death Adder - Elite


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Update Ban List Tourney


Tornei Type 1:
Carte rimosse dalla lista dei ban:

Carte aggiunte alla lista dei ban:
Death Adder
Smokey Mt

Tornei Type 2:
Carte aggiunte alla lista dei ban:
Death Adder
Mona Cr
Vickie Cr
Copper Cr
Marco Cr

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Dregn Cr


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A performance that will take your legs out!


To make a night of it in good company, Bloodh Cr's Rum Distillery is no longer the only place in town. You can now head to Stoneheart’s Tavern! And after that, why not take a little trip to the Freaks’ circus and finish off your evening in style by taking in a new show…

Clint City welcomes:
Guiliug, the Dominion halfling!
Stoneheart, a Dominion inn-keeper with a pretty unusual hobby…
Aaxolotl, a Hive member capable of using water in all its many forms!
Crazy Legs, the ex-soldier who’s now top of the bill at the Freaks’ circus!

Get these characters in the shop's packs5 new missions have been added. Find the list of Flash missions by clicking on the Missions tab.2 new permanent missions are available for the Dominion.

And this weekend, there's a special Tapjoy deal: all credits will be doubled! Make the most of before the deal ends!

New Bloods will benefit from a battle points boost of X5 in Survivor, Free Fight and ELO mode over the entire weekend. The boost will be active from midday (GMT+2) until 11.59pm on Sunday (GMT+2). Ready? Level Up!

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Uma performance de cortar as pernas!


Para passar uma noite em boa companhia, a destilaria do Bloodh Cr já não é a única da lista, agora há também a Taberna de Stoneheart! E depois, nada melhor do que um passeio au circo Freaks, com o novo espectáculo, para terminar bem a noite…

Clint City recebe:
Guiliug, o meio-homem Dominion!
Stoneheart, uma taberneira Dominion com um hobby bastante estranho…
Aaxolotl, uma Hive capaz de utilizar a água em todas as formas!
Crazy Legs, o antigo soldado que se tornou cabeça de carta do circo Freaks!

E para este fim-de-semana, haverá uma oferta especial Tapjoy: os créditos recebidos serão duplicados! Aproveitem esta oferta antes que termine!

As New Blood serão acompanhadas de um boost de pontos de combate x5 em Survivor, Free Fight e EFC durante todo o fim-de-semana. O boost estará activo a partir das 12h00 (GMT+2) até domingo às 23h59 (GMT+2). Preparados? Level Up!

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Eine Leistung, die einem die Beine wegzieht!


Wer einen netten Abend in guter Gesellschaft verbringen will, sollte nebem der Rumbrennerei von Bloodh Cr auch die Taverne von Stoneheart auf der Liste haben! Und als Abschluss für den Abend ist der Zirkus der Freaks immer einen Besuch wert, insbesondere mit der brandneuen Show…

Clint City begrüßt:
Guiliug, der Halbmensch der Dominion !
Stoneheart, eine Tavernenwirtin in Reihen der Dominion mit einem eher seltsamen Hobby…
Aaxolotl, eine Hive, die Wasser in all seinen Formen nutzen kann!
Crazy Legs, der Ex-Soldat, der zur Hauptattraktion des Zirkus der Freaks aufgestiegen ist!

Es sind 2 neue permanente Missionen für die Dominion verfügbar.
Zudem gibt es dieses Wochenende ein spezielles Tapjoy Angebot: die erhaltenen Credits werden verdoppelt! Lasst euch diese Aktion nicht entgehen!

Die New Blood profitieren von nun an von einem Kampfpunkte-Boost x5 im Survivor, Free Fight und im EFC während dem ganzen Wochenende. Der Boost ist ab 12:00 Uhr (GMT+2) aktiv bis Sonntag 23:59 Uhr (GMT+2). Bereit? Level Up!

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Una performance da mozzarvi... le gambe!


Per passare una serata in buona compagnia, la Rhumeria di Bloodh non è più il solo luogo sulla mappa. Ora, ha aperto anche la Taverna di Stoneheart! E dopo le bevute, potrebbe valere la pena di fare un salto al tendone dei Freaks, pare che ci sia un nuovo spettacolo di alto livello...

Clint City accoglie:
Guiliug, il mezz'uomo Dominion !
Stoneheart, la taverniera Dominion con uno strano hobby…
Aaxolotl, un Hive capace di manipolare l'acqua in tutte le sue forme !
Crazy Legs, un ex-soldato ora diventato la star degli spettacoli Freaks !

2 nuove missioni permanenti sono disponibili per i Dominion
E per questo week-end, è disponibile un'offerta speciale Tapjoy: i crediti ricevuti saranno raddoppiati! Approfittate di questa offerta prima che finisca!

Le New Blood saranno accompagnate da un Boost ai punti di combattimento x5 in Survivor, EFC e Free Fight durante tutto questo weekend. Il boost sarà attivo dalle 12.00 (gmt+2) fino a Domenica alle 23.59 (gmt+2). Pronti? Partenza? Livellate!

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Survivor, lottery, missions and much more!


Hello UR players,
The changes to Survivor that we announced last week have just come into effect.
The starting Pillz and Life won't change anymore during your run. To start this reform, we have put 12 starting Pillz and 13 starting Life.
This change aims to put every clan on the same level. With the Pillz descending, in fact, certain clans (for example: clans with an attack manipulator bonus) had a too big advantage.

You can see the new list of Survivor rewards here:/gamemodes/survivor.php

For this week only, the week’s 10 best players in Survivor mode will also receive a copy of Death Adder! So, don’t miss your chance to get your hands on him!
As promised, a set of flash missions is available to get hold of Death Adder. They’ll end on Sunday, June 10th at midnight. Be prepared, it's not gonna be an easy ride…

From tomorrow at 11am (GMT+2), anyone purchasing a pack will have the chance to win a Death Adder card, and all in all there are 10 of them up for grabs.
Every time someone wins a Death Adder, Kate will post it on the news stream, telling you just how many remain to be won e.g. 1 Death Adder has just been won, there are now 9 left.
After 48h, the 10 mystery winners will receive a private message informing them of their win, and the Lottery will come to an end.To take part, all you need to do is buy a pack, irrespective of the cost or quantity.
It’s the buying that counts! Good luck!

We also have good news for you: for this season, as requested by a great many players, we've decided to try and increase the weekly EFC rewards slightly!

Former Weekly EFC rewards:

New Weekly EFC rewards, in test:

These rewards are meant to compensate the missing rewards of the 2 old Survivor rooms.
We hope you'll be pleased with these changes!

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