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Miss Clint City 2018 survey


Hello Clint City,
Like every year, the time has come for the eagerly awaited survey that will allow for the election of the new Miss Clint City 2018!
This year, we will conduct a survey on the website and a “bonus” survey on Instagram which will enable us to settle the votes more easily.
We take this opportunity to inform you that we will increasingly favor the Instagram network as it is better suited to the Urban Rivals content.
The Facebook page will be kept up to date but all exclusive content, the surveys, contests etc. will be released exclusively on Instagram. So for those who wish to follow us, the official account is here:

Remember to check it out daily. It is easy to access and pleasant to visit ;)
And as a small bonus, an all-time Miss pack will be available during 48 hours, in case you are not up to speed.
This pack obviously contains this year's contestants so make sure you don't miss it!

The web survey is here:

Good luck voting! Happy gaming!

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Сегодняшний New Blood !


Пришло время и GhosTown прибыть в Survivor Type 3 вместе с этим новым рекрутом...

Clint City принимает:
Frogo, лягушку Dominion!
Klimpt, инструктора из клана La Junta !
Sentenza, GhosTown – ужас бандитов!
Figaro, парикмахера Montana !

5 новых миссий были добавлены. Вы можете найти список миссий Flash, нажав на вкладку Миссии.

После выхода этого выпуска NB последуют автоматические изменения в EFC, вот они:
С Frogo, Figaro, Klimpt теперь можно играть во всех зонах.
Iguan, Waller, Iguana Samson нельзя играть в зоне Дворец, но по-прежнему с ними играем до зоны Политическая Арена.
Ivy, Milena не могут быть разыграны на Политической Арене, но с ними всегда можно сыграть вплоть до зоны EFC Tower.
Avola, Thormund, Sentenza вышли из игры в зоне EFC Tower, но до зоны Опасная зона вы можете играть с ними.
Enzo, Emeth Cr больше не играем в зоне Опасная зона, но с ними всегда можно сыграть вплоть до зоны Ринг ШокоМускул.
Ricardo, Leo теперь можно играть только в зоне Темные Переулки.

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Today's New Blood!


The time has come for the GhosTown to show off their new recruit in Survivor Type 3...

Clint City welcomes:Frogo, the Dominion frog!Klimpt, the La Junta instructor!"Sentenza, the GhosTown highwaymen's curse!Figaro, the Montana barber!
5 new missions have been added. Find the list of Flash missions by clicking on the Missions tab.

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EFC Season 17 - Deck Format Update


Hi there, Urban Rivals players,
The following changes have been made to rebalance the EFC game mode.

Z Palace IN
Dao Wang
Fuerza Ciega
Amiral Coco
Dr Falkenstein
Sean East

Z Palace OUT
Steven Dan
El Nazca

LD Reloaded:
Harrow Ld, Gail Ld

Happy gaming to you all!

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Thematic Weekend: Low Rarity Tourney


This weekend, we will modify the rules of the Tourney.
Special deck rules Tourney (Type 1 / Type 2):Your Deck cannot contain any uncommons character.Your Deck cannot contain any rares character.Your Deck cannot contain any collector character.Your Deck cannot contain any mythic character.
Special Tourney additional rewards (Type 1 / Type 2):1°: Tokenz x32°-10°: Tokenz x2
All the modifications will be online only in this specific weekend, starting from 12.00 (GMT+2) and until Monday at 11.00 (GMT+2).

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Season 17 EFC & Update!


Greetings, Clint City fighters!

The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start 13/08 - End 09/09

A little update to the list of EFC bans could take place later in the week. Stay tuned!

Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: #sentenza (Week 1, 2), #nolove 247 (Week 3, 4)

Below is a list of all the changes that took place today with respect to the EFC:
- Players ranked in the same Zone will receive equal rewards.
- All rankings will be removed EXCEPT for the top 100 positions on the Z Palace zone.
- The LAST Hard Reset was performed today (all players start the season with 0 points).
- From now on, there will be a Soft Reset at the end of each season: all players will return to the starting point of their zone.
FOR EXAMPLE: a player with 2000 points on the Z Palace zone will drop to 1500 points, i.e. the starting point of the Z Palace. A player with 1360 points will fall to 1200 points, etc.
- At the beginning of each week, to be included in the ranking, you have to play at least 5 matches (no change here).
- Points will decrease every day depending on the player's inactivity.

Each player must play at least 5 matches in 3 days to avoid losing points. From the 4th day onward, inactive players will lose 25 points per day.

Happy gaming to everyone and have a good EFC week!

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Artists Vol.1


Hello everyone,
Available this weekend only - a first tribute to our faithful illustrators who keep Clint City alive!
We present the Artists pack Vol.1, available now until Sunday at 10 PM (GMT+2)!
In it you will find the work of our friends Grelin, Chahine, Mikuloctopus and Quirkylicious!
Happy gaming and lucky draw!

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Summer Coliseum


The Ulu Watu beach is so crowded these days... so much so that Solomon has decided to put together a small and friendly Coliseum in order to break the routine!

Get ready for a tournament displaying many similarities with Type 1!

The Coliseum with start tomorrow at 14.00 (GMT +1) and end on Monday at midnight!

Good luck!

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