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Join in the Coliseum, starting today at 16.00 (GMT+2) and ending the 24/06 at 23.59 (GMT+2)!

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Clint City's Music Fest


Hello Clint City,
To prove just how much we love you, here's your chance to fill your pockets and open some packs!
Just like every year, Clint City is organizing its very own Music Festival to celebrate the Summer Fest!
So, just choose your style. Whether it’s rap, rock or electro, there’s something for everyone!
Four sets of missions will be available from 2pm today until Thursday, June 21st at 11pm!
So, plug in your amps and party on down!

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Loteria Portugal-España


Qui va a ganar: Portugal o España?Loteria paga. El bote va para los ganadores del partido de hoy!Cartas sorpresa para los participantes!


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Death Adder - Elite


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Update Ban List Tourney


Tourney Type 1:
Removed from the Ban List:

Added to the Ban List:
Death Adder
Smokey Mt

Tourney Type 2:
Added to the Ban List:
Death Adder
Mona Cr
Vickie Cr
Copper Cr
Marco Cr

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Dregn Cr


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¡Un rendimiento para quedarte sin piernas!


Si quieres disfrutar de una velada en buena compañía, la destilería de ron de Bloodh Cr tiene ahora competencia: ¡la Taberna de Stoneheart! Y para concluir mejor la noche, qué mejor que una vuelta por el circo de los Freaks, donde disfrutar de su más reciente espectáculo…

Clint City acoge a:
Guiliug, el semihombre Dominion.
Stoneheart, una tabernera Dominion con una afición algo rara…
Aaxolotl, una Hive capaz de utilizar el agua en cualquiera de sus formas.
Crazy Legs, un antiguo soldado convertido en cabeza de cartel del circo de los Freaks.

Hay 2 nuevas misiones permanentes disponibles para los Dominion.

Y este fin de semana, hay una oferta especial de Tapjoy: ¡se entregará el doble de créditos de los adquiridos! ¡No os perdáis esta oferta limitada!

Los New Blood vendrán cargados con una mejora de x5 de puntos de combate en modo Survivor, Free Fight y EFC durante todo el fin de semana. Esta mejora estará activa desde las 12:00 h(GMT+2) hasta el domingo a las 23:59 h (GMT+2). ¿Estás listo? ¡Level Up!

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A performance that will take your legs out!


To make a night of it in good company, Bloodh Cr's Rum Distillery is no longer the only place in town. You can now head to Stoneheart’s Tavern! And after that, why not take a little trip to the Freaks’ circus and finish off your evening in style by taking in a new show…

Clint City welcomes:
Guiliug, the Dominion halfling!
Stoneheart, a Dominion inn-keeper with a pretty unusual hobby…
Aaxolotl, a Hive member capable of using water in all its many forms!
Crazy Legs, the ex-soldier who’s now top of the bill at the Freaks’ circus!

Get these characters in the shop's packs5 new missions have been added. Find the list of Flash missions by clicking on the Missions tab.2 new permanent missions are available for the Dominion.

And this weekend, there's a special Tapjoy deal: all credits will be doubled! Make the most of before the deal ends!

New Bloods will benefit from a battle points boost of X5 in Survivor, Free Fight and ELO mode over the entire weekend. The boost will be active from midday (GMT+2) until 11.59pm on Sunday (GMT+2). Ready? Level Up!

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