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Latest News

Thematic Weekend: Survivor


The starting Life points and Pillz in Survivor will be fixed to 12 and 12 respectively, and WILL NOT change during your run!

There will also be the following bonus rewards:
1°-10°: 250.000 Clintz
11°-25°: 100.000 Clintz

All these changes will be online only this weekend, starting from 25/11 at 00:01 (GMT+1), until 26/11 till 23:59 (GMT+1)
Good luck!

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Tension filled release


SOS! Enters the Ninja in Clint City! With this evil boy, we’re gonna have a nice time, kid!

Clint City welcomes:
Chasey, a synthetic Pussycat!
Adele, the barmaid from the GhosTown saloon!
Absolem, the Junkz musician!
Shinobi, the Bangers’ rapper!

Get these characters in the shop's packs
5 new missions have been added. Find the list of Flash missions by clicking on the Missions tab.

Following this NB release, here are the changes that have been automatically made to EFC:
Chasey, Adele and Absolem can now be played in all zones.
Lorea, Padre Frollo, Dawn can no longer be played in Z Palace, but they can still be played up to zone Polit arena.
Lena, Shinobi, Maazk can no longer be played in Polit arena, but they can still be played up to zone EFC Tower.
Ditha, Chlora, Sireen can no longer be played in EFC Tower, but they can still be played up to zone Danger zone.
Elly Mae, Blaaster Cr, Onik can no longer be played in Danger zone, but they can still be played up to zone Chocomuscle ring.
From now on, Baby Q, Flyer, Syd Noze can only be played in Dark corners.

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Release the Uchtul


Ielena is brewing her Cauldron, gateway to the other dimension.
And she has every intention of sending Uchtul there!
This means that you can go head to head with the tentacular creature at any time until Sunday!
It's up to you to make up the perfect team that will prevent Uchtul from playing havoc with the adventure Scarlett, Manon and Dounia have set off on!
Don't forget that you should find some major reinforcements in Friday's New Bloods!
If you defeat Uchtul, it will put the brakes on his plans and you will be given a pleasant suprise!
The first player to post their victory on Instagram tagged with #urbanrivals #uchtulKO will be rewarded with a bunch of credits!

Give it a shot!

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A Mythic Voyage


Since Newell’s arrival, Dounia’s visions have gotten more and more intense, and an image of a place that is familiar and yet totally unknown, is becoming more and more pronounced in her mind.
Newell has clearly opened a breach into a dimensional doorway that doesn’t seem to be fully sealed.
Dounia senses something is happening on the other side and that she’s somehow connected to it. So, she’s asked her two friends, Scarlett and Manon, to come along and try and convince Newell to tell her about this place he’s secretly seen.
Newell quickly falls prey to the myriad charms of these two sisters, who surreptitiously pick-pocket him of the microchip that opens up this dimensional breach... So, now Dounia finds herself face to face with her destiny. Will she manage to find the answer to her visions? What is on the other side? And could the Oculus be at the root of all this?
With one foot already inside, the two sisters insist on going along for the ride with their friend Dounia. This adventure is really gonna be… Mythic!

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Update Tourney Ban List


The following changes are online starting from the DT of 16.00 (Gmt +1) today

Tourney Type 1
Banned cards: Judge Lynch
Re-allowed cards: Mim, Copper Cr, Guru Cr

Tourney Type 2
Banned: Dr Norton Cr, Fisty Cent
Re-allowed cards: ZRobbie, Mona Cr, Raam

Ld reloaded:
Dokuja Ld From “Growth: -5 opp. atk, min 7” to “Growth: +5 attack”

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90 Tokenz Days & Lottery !


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Thematic Weekend: EFC


Solomon has organized a special EFC weekend: all Leaders are allowed in each zone! What's more, the EFC daily boxes seem more generous than usual...

dark corners: 5 tokenz gold
chocomuscle ring: 7 tokenz gold
danger zone: 9 tokenz gold
efc tower: 11 tokenz gold
polit arena: 13 tokenz gold
z palace: 15 tokenz gold

All these changes will be online only this weekend, starting from 17/11 at 11:00 (GMT+1), until 20/11 till 11:00 (GMT+1)

Good luck!

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Arcade Update


Hello UR players, As announced a month ago, here are the changes we made in the Arcade mode:
- Unlocking adventures for all seasons will now cost 20 credits each and a Continue will amount to 2 credits everywhere.If you have already unlocked an adventure, you will not have to pay to finish it.
- Exceptionally, the first 2 adventures in Season 1 will remain free of charge. Their purpose was to introduce new players to the mode and we think that they should remain as they are.
- The bonus seasons will be deactivated next week.We created the bonus seasons as an alternative method to winning Rebirth and Legendary cards. However, this was before we introduced the weekly LD missions. Now that the Rebirth cards no longer exist, we believe that these seasons serve no further purpose.You have one week in which to complete the bonus seasons and gain all the rewards you are missing before their deletion!
- Last but not least: get ready for Season 4, coming soon… ; )

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