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Laatste Nieuws

Thematic Weekend: Leader Shift!


Warning! An explosion of unknown origin released a mysterious gas near the Leader's HQ! A Rescue team is there to provide medical assistance and they assure us this attack won't have permanent consequences. This, however, seems to have altered the abilities of certain Leaders...

Leaders TEMPORARY changes:
Vansaar: /
Timber: 6-7 Team: +2 Damage
Hugo: 9-5 Team: Protection Attack
Bridget: 7-6 -1 Opp. Life per round, Min 0
Ashigaru: 9-9 Initiative
Eyrik: 7-5 Team: -1 opp Power and Damage, min 4
Ambre: 8-5 Team: Courage: +2 Power
Eklore: 7-7 Team: Recover 1 Pillz out of 3
Morphun: 8-7 Team: Cancel opp. Pillz Modif.
Vholt: 9-5 Team: Cancel Opp. Life Mod.
Solomon: /
Melody: /
John Doom: /
Mr Big Duke (Polit Arena Zone): 9-6 Big Nuke
Robert Cobb: /

Will you be able to fight back in this extremely dangerous weekend?
Special daily survivor additional rewards (Type 2):
1-10°: Tokenz x3
11°-100°: Tokenz x2

All the modifications will be online only in this specific weekend, starting from Friday at 12.00 (GMT+2) and until Monday at 11.00 (GMT+2).

The player who has %3$s in their team always plays second in the fight. If both players have %3$s in their team, the order of play is decided in the usual way. (This will activate courage in your team and reprisal in your opponent's team for the entire fight).

Big Nuke
The damage of all the cards in play cannot be modified (as if every card in play had the Cancel Opp. Damage). This includes the 4 opponent cards as well.

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Thematic Pack: Overpowered!


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Update Tourney - EFC


Hello Urban Rivals players,

We are currently keeping an eye on Dominion (especially Dookor and Valhala), to observe how the DT meta will shift thank to them.For now, we decided only to ban a few cards who resulted to be too powerful.Soon, once the new clan will be stabilized, we may do another DT update more oriented on balancing the clans ; )

Tourney Type 1: Added to the ban list: Zaveli, Maximus, Dollum, Scarlacc
Tourney Type 2: Added to the ban list: Maximus

We keep a daily track of every card played in EFC. We think we may have underestimated the impact of Dollum in the higher zones, as he is featuring datas off the charts.

At first, we wanted to see how the Skeelz would perform with only their latest 10 released cards.We always try to give a second chance to new cards, before opting for a ban.

However, after a few days, Dollum became too meta-defining, especially for having only 2*, and we think our change had little to no impact.
This is why we decided to undo the past week Skeelz change, restoring Plunk and Beck - Nena to the Z Palace, and lowering Dollum to the EFC Tower.

This is a very exceptional case, as we change things very rarely in the middle of the season. However, we think this move is necessary to keep the Z Palace meta varied and healthy. We don’t want to compromise the season for all the players to play only around a 2* card.

To apologize for the issue, we added an additional weekly LD mission, granting a few credits ;)

Good UR!

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DOMINION full deck !


This week, discover 4 new figurines from Zlatar Toys and complete your collection with these hand-crafted and hand-painted, quality toys. Spoil your kids by giving them something that's sure to make them smile. Recommended unit price: 299 Clintz incl. VAT. There’s also an XL box containing 4 characters for the recommended unit price of 999 Clintz incl. VAT.

Clint City welcomes:
Dookor, the two-headed ogre who’s a whole lot smarter than any one-headed ogre.
Iguan, the lizard man who wields an axe like no other.
Ghoonbones, the latest thing in construction toys.
Valhala, the Valkyrie for little warrior princesses.

To celebrate the 1st DOMINION FULL DECK, we're offering you a double drop rate on the first Dominion release, so you can update your collection more quickly! Happy fishing to you all!

5 new missions have been added. Find the list of Flash missions by clicking on the Missions tab.

But that’s not all: it's party time for the Dominion this weekend!
- A x10 battle points bonus is active all weekend on the 4 Dominion characters of the day in Normal, Tourney and EFC modes.
- 5 new permanent missions are available for the Dominion.
- A new Tutorial has been added, explaining the “Exchange” ability with a hefty reward!
Have fun!

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EFC Season 13 - Deck Format update


Hi there, Urban Rivals players, The following changes have been made to rebalance the EFC game mode.
[Card Name] - Previously, authorized up to zone X - Now, authorized up to zone Y
Clover - Polit Arena - EFC TowerHolly - EFC Tower - Polit Arena
Butcher Braxton - Polit Arena - EFC TowerJohn O Clock - EFC Tower - Polit Arena
Nekron - Polit Arena - EFC TowerBelle - EFC Tower - Polit Arena
Behemoth - EFC Tower - Danger ZoneKronnen - Danger Zone - EFC Tower
- - - -
Henry - Polit Arena - Z PalaceSparkle - Polit Arena - Z PalaceBeck - Nena - Z Palace - Polit ArenaPlunk - Z Palace - EFC Tower
Waller - Polit Arena - Z PalaceLorenzo - Z Palace - Polit Arena
Glover - Polit Arena - Z PalaceDavis - Z Palace - Polit ArenaBrianna - Polit Arena - Z PalaceEd 13 - Z Palace - Polit Arena
Ylati - Z Palace - Polit ArenaTara - Z Palace - Polit ArenaAleister - Polit Arena - Z PalaceVirginia - Polit Arena - Z Palace
Van Heckton - Z Palace - Polit ArenaNemo Mt - Polit Arena - Z Palace
Ld cards reloaded:Tiwi Ld, Bakuta Ld, Buga Baga Ld, #pla4gue ld, Travis Ld
If you want to have more informations regarding these changes, you can read the staff message (in english) here: link
Happy gaming to you all!

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Lord Oon, легенда...


Слушайте! Слушайте! Слушайте! Хотите получить того, кого прозвали Lord Oon?
Очень просто: для этого достаточно сыграть с Dominion и нанести 100 единиц урона Zlatar!

Встречаемся в пятницу, 11-го - второй фейерверк героев Dominion.
Спасибо всем за вашу верность и долгие лета King Adder!

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Lord Oon, a lenda...


Escutem bem! Querem obter o designado Lord Oon?
Muito simples: para isso basta jogar Dominion e infligir 100 danos ao Zlatar!

Encontro na sexta-feira dia 11 para a segunda salva de heróis Dominion.
Obrigada a todos pela vossa fidelidade e longa vida ao King Adder!

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Lord Oon, the Legend…


Hear ye, hear ye! Fancy getting your hands on the infamous Lord Oon?
It couldn’t be easier: just play Dominion and inflict 100 damage on Zlatar!

See you on Friday 11th for the next arrival of Dominion heroes.
Thank you all for your on-going loyalty and long live King Adder!

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