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Latest News

Thematic Weekend


This weekend, we will modify the rules of the Survivor.

Special deck rules Survivor Type 2 :
The sum of the characters levels in your Deck must not exceed 32.

Special daily survivor additional rewards (Type 2):
1°: 100.000 Clintz
2°-5°: 30.000 Clintz
6°-20°: 10.000 Clintz

All the modifications will be online only in this specific weekend, starting from Friday at 12.00 (GMT+2) and until Monday at 11.00 (GMT+2).

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50 shades of Schatzi


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Update Tourney


Hola jugadores de UR,
Hicimos algunos cambios en las listas de bans de TD.

Type 1
Hemos visto una gran variedad de clanes en Type 1, habiendo apenas un clan mucho más jugado que los otros.Queremos intentar ver cómo será el rendimiento de La Junta sin Thormund.

Type 2
Nuestros últimos bans (Martha, Quinzel, Brutus y Mona cr) hicieron casi desaparecer esos clanes de la sala. Hemos decidido restaurar a Quinzel. Además, hemos pensado hacer un cambio favorable a los Montana y a los Sentinel, para aumentar un poco su utilización sin volverlos dominantes. Entra Lehane y sale Zrobbie de Sentinel, entra Vickie Cr y sale Lyse Teria Cr de Montana.

Este cambio estará online hoy a partir del TD de las 16:00 H.

Buena suerte.

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¡La gran lotería de Clint City!


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Clint City’s Grand Lottery!


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Update Daily Tournaments


Hello UR players,
We made a few changes to the TQ ban-lists.

Type 1
We saw a lot of clan variety in type 1, with only one clan played much more than the others.We want to try and see how La Junta will perform without Thormund.

Type 2
Our last bans (Martha, Quinzel, Brutus and Mona cr) made those clans almost disappear from the room. We decided to restore Quinzel.In addition, we thought about doing a favorable exchange for Montana and Sentinel, aiming to rise a bit their usage without making them dominant.Lehane in and Zrobbie out for Sentinel, Vickie cr in and Lyse Teria cr out for Montana.

These changes will be put online today starting from the TQ of 16.00.

Good luck!

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EFC Season 5 - Update


Hi there, Urban Rivals players, The following changes have been made to rebalance the EFC game mode.
[Card Name] - Previously, authorized up to zone X - Now, authorized up to zone Y

Oxana - Z Palace - Polit ArenaAgustino - Polit Arena - Z Palace
Randal - Z Palace - Polit ArenaMC Leroy - Polit Arena - Z Palace
Tomoe - Z Palace - Polit ArenaKamekun - Polit Arena - Z Palace
Hundun - Z Palace - Polit ArenaBertha - Polit Arena - Z Palace
Lowki - EFC Tower - Polit ArenaBrok - Polit Arena - EFC Tower
Abey - Z Palace - Polit ArenaDianzi - Polit Arena - Z Palace
Ursula - Polit Arena - Z PalaceAmiral Coco - Z Palace - Polit Arena
Cannibal Jo - EFC Tower - Polit ArenaBones - Polit Arena - EFC Tower
Agnes - Polit Arena - Z PalaceLenora - Z Palace - Polit Arena
Baka - Z Palace - Polit ArenaAnakrohm - Polit Arena - Z Palace
Arantxa - Z Palace - Polit ArenaDounia Cr - Polit Arena - Z PalacePlunk - Polit Arena - EFC TowerLorna - EFC Tower - Polit Arena
Rahi Sledon - Polit Arena - Z Palace Cristalys - Z Palace - Polit Arena
Ld Cards reloaded:Dudley LdTravis Ld
Happy gaming to you all!

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¡Promoción Titanium!


Multiplica así la oportunidad de obtener una carta Collector durante esa promoción que empieza inmediatamente y acaba el martes à las 12:00 (GMT+2)!

¡Que juguéis mucho!

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