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The Shop


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Oriold Music Fest


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The Poker Legend…


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The Poker Legend…


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EFC / DT June Update


Hello guys!
Here there is a little update regarding EFC and Daily Tournaments.

On EFC, we decided to limit Surstorming and Flora to the first 4 EFC zones (up to EFC Tower).We analysed carefully the meta in Polit Arena, where is now playing the majority of players at high EFC ranks.We spotted a number too big of Roots and Piranas decks. Surstorming and Flora in particular featured match win rates and play rates extremely high. For the sake of balancing of the mode, we thought it was best to intervene and try to fix this anomaly.The next update will come at the release of the next season.

On DT T1, we saw a dominance of La Junta mono decks. We decided to try a swap, Thormund for Floyd, in order to reduce a bit their two-shots capabilities.Also, we decided to remove from the ban list Lea. Rescue are now almost nonexistent in the TQ T1 meta, we would like to help them a little.

On DT T2, we saw a dominance of a trio of clans: Sentinel, Hive and Raptors. In order to change the meta a bit, instead of banning other cards for them, we kept the same principle of the previous ban lists and we tried to restore some competitive cards to the least played clans.This change is a test and an update will come soon if the results won’t be positive.

EFC: Flora, Surstorming Polit arena - > EFC Tower / Baba, Gretchen EFC Tower - > Polit Arena

DT T1: ban Floyd, unban Thormund, Lea

DT T2: unban Lyse Teria Cr, Marco cr, Guru cr

Good UR!

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The Wild bunch


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Today sees the arrival of the new GhosTown clan!


After discovering Tokenz, gold fever has taken over the townsfolk of Purgatory! Several ghosts have set off on a trip to Clint City to get their hands on some of this precious yellow metal that will allow them to pay the boatman to the Great Beyond. But just how will the other clans react to these new arrivals?
Purgatory is proud to present:Tuco, the ultra slacker!Gus Rope, the vengeful hanged man!Victor Van Dort, the soul-eating undertaker!And John O Clock, the living locomotive!

Get these characters in the shop's packs5 new missions have been added. Find the list of Flash missions by clicking on the Missions tab.
For several weeks now, it’s been possible to follow in real time the time zone of the Clint City peninsula. In Clint City, they pass from day to night for every 4 hours back home.You’re gonna have to take this into account, because the way you play could be slightly affected by this...
For example, our GhosTown friends have the following Bonus during the day: +1 Power and DamageBut when night falls in Clint City, it’s a whole new ball game...
In your collections, the GhosTown cards will update themselves ""transparently"", be it day or night.
Yep, you've got it, they're pretty screwy our phantom cowboys. So now, over to you to play them and smash up the city... both day AND night!
Happy gaming!

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The Arcade’s Secret Zone!


Hi there, Urban Rivals players,

Following the update to the LD missions, we promised some form of compensation to players who had paid to play in Arcade Mode’s Season 1. We have therefore added a HQ bonus to Season 1! It’s free, only accessible after having completed the 12 other adventures, but it will give you the chance to get your hands on a very nice reward indeed...

Good luck and happy gaming!

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