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Season 17 EFC & Update!


Greetings, Clint City fighters!

The new EFC season kicks off today!
Start 13/08 - End 09/09

A little update to the list of EFC bans could take place later in the week. Stay tuned!

Weekly Z Palace top 10 card reward: #sentenza (Week 1, 2), #nolove 247 (Week 3, 4)

Below is a list of all the changes that took place today with respect to the EFC:
- Players ranked in the same Zone will receive equal rewards.
- All rankings will be removed EXCEPT for the top 100 positions on the Z Palace zone.
- The LAST Hard Reset was performed today (all players start the season with 0 points).
- From now on, there will be a Soft Reset at the end of each season: all players will return to the starting point of their zone.
FOR EXAMPLE: a player with 2000 points on the Z Palace zone will drop to 1500 points, i.e. the starting point of the Z Palace. A player with 1360 points will fall to 1200 points, etc.
- At the beginning of each week, to be included in the ranking, you have to play at least 5 matches (no change here).
- Points will decrease every day depending on the player's inactivity.

Each player must play at least 5 matches in 3 days to avoid losing points. From the 4th day onward, inactive players will lose 25 points per day.

Happy gaming to everyone and have a good EFC week!

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Artists Vol.1


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Summer Coliseum


The Ulu Watu beach is so crowded these days... so much so that Solomon has decided to put together a small and friendly Coliseum in order to break the routine!

Get ready for a tournament displaying many similarities with Type 1!

The Coliseum with start tomorrow at 14.00 (GMT +1) and end on Monday at midnight!

Good luck!

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Thematic Weekend Survivor


This weekend, we will modify the rules of the Survivor.

Your Deck cannot use the following 9 Character(s): Raam, Fisty Cent, Maana Cercei, Death Adder, GraksmxxT Cr, Jackie Cr, Ymirah Cr, Impera Sloane, Ashigaru

Weekly survivor additional rewards:
1-10°: 250.000 Clintz
11°-50°: 125.000 Clintz
51°-100°: 75.000 Clintz
101°-150°: 30.000 Clintz
151°-250°: 15.000 Clintz
251°-500°: 5.000 Clintz

All the modifications will be online only in this specific weekend, starting from Friday at 12.00 (GMT+2) and until Monday at 11.00 (GMT+2).

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Bmappé / Captain Rescue / ELITE


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EFC News


Greetings, Clint City fighters!

As promised, from Monday August 13th at 2 PM, the competitive EFC room will be given a makeover.Here is the list of changes that will simplify the experience:

- Players ranked in the same Zone will receive equal rewards.
- All rankings will be deleted EXCEPT for the top 100 positions on the Z Palace zone.
- There will be a monthly soft reset.
- The hard reset will be removed, no one's score will drop down to 0.
- ELO win and loss points will be adjusted downwards.
- Points will drop on a sliding scale depending on the player's inactivity.

These changes are consistent with those made in Survivor mode, the idea being to simplify the reading and the experience so as to make them more enjoyable in the medium-long term.

This will also prepare you for the next updates (scheduled for October) regarding the Fight and Interface sections which will be greatly optimized.

In the meantime, happy gaming to everyone and have a good EFC week!

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Nueve años... ¡Eso hay que celebrarlo!


Pues sí… Tras nueves años como administradora del juego, ¡hay que celebrarlo! El 4 de agosto, habrán pasado nueve (9) años desde que Quistis (ON_QUISTIS) es la administradora de Urban, primero de la comunidad lusófona y años más tarde de la comunidad española. ¡Es hora de celebrar con un evento por todo lo alto! Hemos preparado un Coliseum para festejar la ocasión. DJ Korr CR y Kolos CR, sus personajes favoritos, vuelven a la ciudad exclusivamente para empezar con los preparativos de esta gran fiesta. Tenemos por un lado a los Junkz y por otro a los Nightmare en una lucha para subirse a lo más alto del podio.Hay muchos premios para ganar:Puesto 1 al 20: 1 DJ Korr CR
Puesto 21 al 40: 100 Tokenz de oroPuesto 41 al 60: 1 millón de Clintz
Puesto 61 al 80: 100 Tokenz de plata
Puesto 81 al 100: 750.000 Clintz
Puesto 101 al 120: 100 Tokenz de bronce
Puesto 121 al 140: 500.000 Clintz
A partir del puesto 141: 100.000 Clintz Además, si te encuentras con Quistis en las salas y le ganas en combate, no te cortes y envía una captura de pantalla con tu victoria por MP para conseguir un Kolos CR. ;)
¡Buena suerte a todo el mundo y que lo disfrutéis! Este evento tendrá lugar en directo en Leiria (Portugal) el 15 de septiembre à partir de las 14 horas y que contará con la presencia del equipo de Carcassonne. Si quieres participar, ya sea en persona o a través de Twitch, te informaremos de nuevo en breve. ;) Se ha creado un evento para aquellos que deseen participar en persona desde Leiria. No os apuntéis A MENOS QUE vayáis a estar realmente presentes. Este es el enlace: https://www.urban-rivals.com/pt/events/?id_event=115785

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Nine years…. Something worth celebrating!


You bet, nine years as one of the game's Administrators is a good reason to celebrate!

August 4th will see the nine (9) year anniversary of Quistis (ON_QUISTIS) as Administrator on Urban. She started out for the Portuguese-speaking community and took on the Spanish-speaking community a few years later. Time to commemorate with a huge event!

A Coliseum event has been devised on this occasion: DJ Korr CR and Kolos CR, her favorite characters, have returned to town with the sole purpose of setting up this big party.

With the Junkz on the one side and the Nightmare on the other, both clans are ready to fight and shoot for the podium.

Many prizes do be won:
1-20th – 1 DJ Korr CR
21-40th - 100 gold tokenz
41-60th - 1 million clintz
61-80th - 100 silver tokenz
81-100th – 750 000 clintz
101-120th - 100 bronze tokenz
121-140th – 500 000 clintz
From place 141 – 100 000 clintz

What's more, if you encounter Quistis in one of the rooms and win a battle against her, be sure to send her a PM with a screenshot of your victory so that she may offer you a copy of Kolos CR ;)

Good luck to everyone and have fun! This is a live event that will take place in Leiria, Portugal, on September 15th, from 2 PM onwards, and will feature the presence of the Carcassonne Team. Whether in person or on Twitch, if you wish to participate, you will hear from us soon ;)
An event has been created for those who would like to be present in Leiria. Sign up ONLY if you really intend to show up. Here is the link: https://www.urban-rivals.com/pt/events/?id_event=115785" target="_blank">https://www.urban-rivals.com/pt/events/?id_event=115785">https://www.urban-rivals.com/pt/events/?id_event=115785

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