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Latest News

Changes to several Leaders


So as to be ready for war, several Leaders have undergone a highly intensive and successful course of training and have imposed a limitation on one of their own.
The following Leaders have been modified:
Bridget: 7/5 +1 Life per round > 7/6 +1 Life per round
Eklore: 7/7 -1 opp. Pillz per round, min 5 > 7/6 -1 opp. Pillz per round, min 3
Hugo: 7/5 Team: +6 Attack > 7/5 Team: +7 Attack
Timber: 6/6 Team: +1 Damage > 6/8 Team: +1 damage
Vholt: 7/5 Team: -1 Opp. Damage min 4 > 8/5 Team: -1 Opp. Damage min 2
Morphun: 8/5 +1 Pillz per round > 8/5 +1 Pillz per round, max. 11
These new stats should not need updating again, unless problems arise regarding the gameplay.

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In Search of the Queen


The Solstice is an extremely important time of year for the Aquanis people who during this period harvest the medicinal coral and perform the ritual dance of Uttaraya. And it goes without saying that they expect to see their queen overseeing all these ceremonies.
So, having received a letter from the palace, Lianah Ld is under strict instructions to go and find her mother, who's gone to put her feet up in Los Santos, and bring her back without fail, even if that means knocking her out to do so!

Lianah Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with him. To obtain this character, you must unlock his last mission before February 22nd at 11.59pm (GMT + 1:00).

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Coliseum: Here Come The Fireworks


After the debacle at the Skeelz Academy, the Sentinel discover that the Nightmare clan is behind the recent events. Partnered Sentinel units track Ielena to the biggest party of the year, where they suspect that she and her lackeys have tampered with the fireworks. If Ielena is not stopped soon, 2014 will have a truly explosive finale! ---> Coliseum

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Leader Wars: the Leaders show what their made of!


LeaderWars - The Leaders dish out the cards again in a new game mode

A wave of panic has hit the quays of Clint City: the Leaders have very unusually pitched up in unison in the hangar. What could be the reason behind all this? Well, they’ve had enough of Vansaar’s monopoly in that rat infested place where they were dying of boredom.

“What is the aim of this game mode?"
LeaderWars is a new game mode based on the “draft” concept! You can play with cards you Don’t necessarily own, except for the Leader card that will lead your team to victory. Once you’ve registered, you'll be asked to put together your Deck of eight cards, slot after slot, choosing from several sets of cards that will be randomly offered to you. Each slot will correspond to a set of specific cards so everyone has the same choices.

“Is the gameplay different in this mode?”
Each character will still have its Bonus activated even if they’re the only member of their clan. This will help ensure the Decks remain varied!

“What happens once you’ve entered LeaderWars?”
LeaderWars is a limited mode. There are a maximum number of levels you can reach and you have a restricted number of lives in which to carry out the objective. Your mission is simple: it's up to you to be the toughest and get as far as you can using all your lives. Each win entitles you to win bigger and better prizes. So Don’t go giving up!

“OK, that sounds fun, but what exactly can I win in this game mode?”
Winning a fight is already no easy task in the streets of Clint City, so winning a war is not necessarily within the reach of your average player. You’ll have to pay an entrance fee because as one Junta member pointed out on condition of anonymity, “it takes money to make money so everyone needs to make a small contribution to refuel the supply of prizes on offer”. " But Don’t panic, you’ll make a profit on it in no time at all!

And winners of these jousts will be generously rewarded for their efforts, to the extent that even the Uppers will be jealous! "

“Is this mode here to stay?”
The Leader Wars mode is a feature mode: it won’t always be on the list of game modes but will regularly appear on an ad hoc basis.

Ready to fight, soldier?

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No Ordinary Christmas Carols


This December, Don’t expect to hear soothing carols coming from the city’s snow-covered streets. It’s the inter-dimensional solstice and the latest hit from the Volkahns is on every screen! And if you thought things might be better in Riotspolis, you’d probably come away feeling sorely disappointed.
Dustyn the cosmic guitarist has joined up with the Sakrohm singer on her latest album! Bengal has come to challenge all the masters of the Fang Pi Clang in single combat! Taking to the streets, Jungo computer specialist, Dianzi, is trying to bring down a conspiracy, while in the depths of Riotspolis, Norma’s terrible and captivating singing rings out throughout the town.
Get these characters in the shop's packs
5 new missions have been added. Find the list of Newblood missions by clicking on the Missions tab.
We made a textual change today for the ability "Per Round" which was confusing and replaced it with a generic term (like Reprisal or Courage) : "Growth".
"+1 Pillz per Round" becomes : "Growth : +1 Pillz"
In the case of Dj Korps it will be : "Growth : Defeat -1 Opp. life, min 1"
The ability remains the same, the number in the ability still grows each round.

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As planned, the Deathmatch room has been closed but works have also secretly begun... What could this now empty room be hiding...?

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Coliseum: Eggnog Party 2014


The massive outbreak of sudden fighting has caught the attention of the Sentinel clan. After following a trail of clues, the investigation leads them to the Skeelz Academy, which has opened its doors in an unprecedented act, hosting a most unusual party... Cauldrons of eggnog cover the main hall. Entranced party guests rush around, carrying strange ingredients, eagerly cooking more of the spicy smelling drink. As soon as they realize they have been interrupted, the guests become dangerously violent!
All details on the Coliseum page

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A Ride to Mount Glatz


For some time now, the east beltway of Clint City has been in the hands of the Fire Angels who’ve been burning some serious rubber on their bikes ever since Sylvia Ld’s trip to Riotspolis. Bragh is not happy about this and not being a born diplomat has entrusted his beloved Hopper Ld with a Hefty mission: she is to ride to the Frozn village and broker a deal with the yetis so they can get their hands on a new propulsion system for their bikes. It won’t be an easy task but Hopper Ld is willing to do just about anything for her man!

Hopper Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with him. To obtain this character, you must unlock her last mission before February 08th at 11.59pm (GMT + 1:00).

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