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A wild heritage


While the Uppers are having another one of their 'private parties', Lucas is moving on the roofs of the skyscrapers, followed by a little and fast figure, in order to take a closer look at what is happening on the Pile Tower.
But the main attraction of the day is for sure a wild warrior, trying to catch some dinosaurs with her lasso while racing on her vehicle!

Fonzie, the Uppers playboy, is pleased to meet you!
Dixie, the Bangers sidekick of Lucas, will defend with him the streets from evil!
Sarah, the Vortex charming and wild warrior, has a way of acting... quite familiar!
El Jaguar, a mysterios Huracan luchador, suddendly appeared on the top of the Pile Tower!

Get these characters in the shop's packs5 new missions have been added. Find the list of Newblood missions by clicking on the Missions tab.

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Thematic Weekend DT: From Hero to Zero


This weekend, we will modify the rules of the Daily Tournaments.

Theme: From hero to zero!
The 10 top used cards in both DTs T1 and DTs T2 from the last week will have a penalty of -1!

Mona Cr
Doug Snop
Tasty Tast
Blaaster Cr
Robb Cr

As usual, these changes will be online from tomorrow at 16.00 until Monday at 10.00.

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Discover the new Rebirth Card!


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Coliseum Spring Slam


In order to keep the spirit high after the departure of Noctezuma/El Divino from the Pile Tower, the Huracan contacted Solomon and organised a giant Coliseum. Only the real fighters are admitted! Will you be able to keep it up?

Join in the Coliseum, starting today at 16.00 (GMT+2) and ending the 04.28 at 23.59 (GMT+2)!

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Thematic Weekend: DT Chains


This weekend, we will modify the rules of the Daily Tournaments.

Theme: Chains!
More cards will have penalties! Will you manage to find the perfect deck to emerge victorious?

Lehane (-3)
Gil (-3)
Earl (-1)
Buckler (-1)
Rowdy Cr (-1)
Randy (-1)
Noctezuma (-1)

Also, more Tokenz will be available as prizes!

As usual, these changes will be online from today at 16.00 until Monday at 10.00.

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Is it a bird or a plane?


Slayer and the Pink Commandos had been sifting through Clint City far and wide, but without luck. That's why Deborah decided to ask Lois Ld for help: and thanks to her super-sight, she managed to find a trace in just few hours! And guess what? It leads to the Nightmare manor... What could Ielena be conspiring this time?

Lois Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with it. To obtain this character, you must unlock its last mission before June 26th at 11.59pm (GMT + 2:00).

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ELO and Survivor ELO: The Semievo comeback!


Hello Urban Rivals players,
Today we are going to reintroduce semievo cards in Elo and Survivor Elo!

In short, this rule of the ELO format:
Your Deck cannot contain developing characters.

Will be replaced by:
Your Deck cannot contain level 1 cards.

What are “semievo” cards?
Semievo is an abbreviation for ‘Semi-Evolved’.
Every card can be a “semievo”, but only a few are worth playing in competitive play.
For example, Charlie lv 4 is a playable semievo, since she maintains strong stats (7-6) and has an active ability.

In addition to the rule change, we have rebalanced the semievo stats of some old, iconic, or interesting cards. Each clan will have a roughly equal number of playable semievo cards. This will allow many opportunities to build new and innovative decks in competitive play, and will encourage each of you to discover the hidden strength of your collection!

We modified a small amount of cards for now (around 4 cards per clan), because we want to see if this change will impact the ELO rules in a positive way.

If this change will be successful, other cards may be modified to be played semievo in the future.
The cards that won’t be included in the list will lose their semievo abilities, that will be activated only in the last card level.

The market sales of all the cards included in the list will be temporarily stopped until this evening at 18.00 (GMT+1).

Good UR!

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Unexpected Journeys


Only the strong at heart are allowed to wear a mask and aspire to a place in the Huracan clan. His spirit broken by this unexpected defeat, Noctezumaretires from the Pile Tower without further delay. He would rather resign as a warrior than carry on living burdened by the weight of shame.

Other characters are about quit Clint City as well: Eddie seems resolute to reach Tanaereva Cr on the Melkozu islands; Uchtul needs to recharge himself of spiritual energy in his original dimension, and this will take him quite a lot of time… and last but not least, Zatman is heading towards the desert of Saoude / Siad to accomplish a secret mission for Zlatar.

The deal is valid today from 11am (GMT+1) during 48 ore.

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