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Coliseum: Barbarian


The Raptors have arrived, and Clint City will never forget this day! Annie and Oakley, followed by their teammates, are searching eagerly for Katja, Valentina Ld and Sammy in order to exact their revenge. But Havok, after 72 hours of thinking, finally devised the perfect plan to stop them: just take up the new weapons created by Geoffrey and Earl, and face them head-on in the streets! The Coliseum starts the 06/29/2015 at 2PM (GMT+2) and ends the 07/03/2015 at midday (GMT+2).

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Jurassic Landing!


Having forcibly requisitioned the Clint City car scrap yard, this merry band of prisoners seem to be here for good. And now that they’ve crushed the Government’s official police offensive, it remains to be seen how the other Clint City clans will react to their arrival...
The Raptors are here and have turned up in force with 6 to their name! Who out of Lucky, Scarol, Annie, Oakley, Wilde and Zaria will be the first of these terrible survivors from hell to join your team?
The Raptors specialize in deactivating their opponents’ advantages, introducing a whole new type of ability to the game!
Cancel Opponent Modifier:
Working on Attack, Life, Power, etc., this new type of ability allows you to deactivate a particular effect of your opponent’s card. BUT BE WARNED, this type of ability in not a Stop Ability or a Stop Bonus.
In detail:
The new clan bonus is “Cancel opp. Attack Modif.”:
Any modifier or bonus affecting the attack of your opponent’s card (whether that is + opp.attack or – opp. attack) will be deactivated! (This includes the extra effect awarded by the Leader Hugo)
Zaria's ability is “Cancel opp. Power Modif.”:
Any modifier or bonus affecting the power of your opponent’s card will be deactivated! (This includes the extra effect awarded by the Leaders Ambre and Eyrik)
Get these characters in the shop's packs
7 new missions have been added. Find the list of Newblood missions by clicking on the Missions tab.
For the complete illustrations go to the Goodies section of our website

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Leader Wars: Heavy Metal Universe


Malmoth was truly excited: his favourite band, the Blind Black Dragons of Firenight, were ready to return to the stage for a reunion concert! But Kurt Turilmore, lead guitar player of the band, became ill only a few minutes before the show! If only there was a guitar player nearby, someone who knows their music… Malmoth couldn’t believe it, but he has the chance to play with his favourite band! A quick make-over thanks to the band's costume designer, and he is ready to rock! Play in the Leader Wars, starting today at 2:00 pm (GMT+2) and ending the 06/24 at 11:59 pm (GMT +2), and reach the last level to win a copy of Malmoth Rb!

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It’s Clint City's Music Festival!


It’s Clint City's Music Festival!
Now’s the time to boost your battle points by playing the RB versions of Syd Noze Rb, Vermyn N Rb and Malmoth Rb.
The X10 boosts can be stacked (up to x30) for a leveling up frenzy!

This bonus is available from this evening at 6pm (GMT+2:00) until midnight on Sunday (GMT+2:00).

Let the fun begin!

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Every year in June, it’s the same old thing with the Sentinel clan: time to prove you’re still worthy of being in the police force.
To do that, there’s a "little" exam consisting of a string of physical and mental tests to check everyone is still fit for service.
Valentina Ld is well used to these ridiculous tests and sees them as nothing but an unpleasant formality. However, although she’d initially planned to cruise her way through the tests, she's had a sudden change of heart and is now aiming for top marks.
And for good reason as whoever comes out on top is all set to win a week’s vacation in a paradisiacal island at the clan's expense!
As you can imagine the Sentinel clan members are pretty keyed up and all itching for a fight...

Valentina Ld is a legendary character who is only available by carrying out missions connected with it. To obtain this character, you must unlock its last mission before August 23rd at 11.59pm (GMT + 2:00).

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New Rebirth card in the packs


A new character has been revamped!
Remember, once the Rebirth card becomes available, its original counterpart is removed from distribution.
The Phoenix rank is within your reach!
Good luck and happy gaming to all.

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Tokenz Wheel Update


Hello Clint City,
We've taken into consideration your recent comments about distributing the prizes from the Tokenz wheel and we’ve decided to make a few adjustments.

- First of all, we’ve decided to get rid of the battle points because as you pointed out, levelling up through the Tokenz wheel doesn't real make sense.
Instead, we’re going to promote battle point boosts for limited periods of time and with this in mind, there’ll be a boost this weekend.

-We’re also going to get rid of freespins that seem to have the source of too much frustration.

-We’re going to add Rebirth cards that will enable you to complete your collection and access the Phoenix ranking.

You will continue to obtain Collectors in the same way.
We hope you’ll like these changes.

Happy Gaming!

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Test: Survivor 2.0


Hello everyone, Starting from 06/16/2015 at midday GMT: +2, and for a duration of 2 weeks, we will test the following changes in the Survivor Elo and Survivor T2 rooms: 1) Reduction of the time to play a card in the round. The time will be reduced from 150 seconds to 120 seconds. 2) Time increased until the reset of your score The time will be increased from 30 minutes to 45 minutes 3) Increase of the starting Pillz of the players. The Starting pillz will be increased from 12 to 13. This means that, instead of playing starting from 12 Life / 12 Pillz (12 / 13 with the Free Pillz) to 15 Life / 8 Pillz (15 / 9), now you will play starting from 12 Life / 13 Pillz (12 / 14 with the Free Pillz) to 15 Life / 9 Pillz (15 / 10). All the other features of the mode (prizes, decks formats, and so on) won't be changed. The first 2 modifications were asked for by a great number of players. We agree that the time to choose a card is now extremely long, and playing in this mode 'for fun' sometimes can be really boring. Additionally, many players like to take breaks between matches in Survivor. At high levels, it can be a really 'hardcore' mode! We feel that the request to increase time until reset is a reasonable one. The last and most important change is regarding the starting Pillz. Right now, the 'attack modifier cards' tend to be really powerful in this mode, because the less pillz you have, the stronger they become. We think that this small change will help create more variety in this mode. Remember that these changes are not definitive: we will test them for a duration of 2 weeks. Please feel free to share your feedback with us. Good UR everyone, may the Glibon Dashra Sakrh bless you all!

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